Individual Therapy

A person's life circumstances are determined by environmental events that occur over time interacting with our original make-up including the personality and biology we are born with.  The most important environmental influence is family background creating our developmental history.  Because the family is the primary source for socializing us in how to think, feel, and behave it is easy to repeat early socialization that is unhealthy.  Many of us have parents whose own life remains unexamined and who interacted with us as children in ways that still negatively influence us today.  We may not even be aware that we are repeating old habits we learned early in life that are causing emotional turmoil and confusion for ourselves and those we love.  Because each person is unique, we must understand ourselves and our old conditioning so that we can make a conscious choice instead of always being on automatic pilot.  We can learn to deal with the stress of everyday problems in a healthy way instead of mindlessly repeating those old patterns.  An examined life is one that can have some freshness for new responses and create a life worth living.